credit card

4 type of credit card , what is banifit of credit card ?

Rewards credit cards.


Rewards credit cards offer you some type of “reward”—typically cash back, points, or travel miles—for every dollar you spend, sometimes up to certain limits. Depending on the card, you can then use your rewards in a variety of ways.



Secured credit cards.

A secured credit card is a card which has been backed by a cash deposit. The deposit will serve as collateral on your account, and will provide the credit card issuer with security in case you are unable to make the payments.


Low-interest credit cards.

Which credit card is best for 0 interest?
Best Low Interest Credit Cards of 2022
HDFC Infinia Credit Card. ,
Citibank Rewards Credit Card. ,
First Citizen Citi Credit Card. ,
Citi Premier Miles Credit Card. ,
SBI Prime Advantage Credit Card. ,
SBI Advantage Plus Credit Card. ,
HDFC Regalia Credit Card. ,
HSBC Cashback Credit Card.


credit card
credit card


Cashback credit cards


Don’t Try to Earn Cash Back If You’re Paying Interest and Fees. Credit cards can offer a decent cash-back rate on your purchases. The cash back you earn may not always be worth it, though. Some cards offer as much as 6% cash back on certain purchases—but many purchases will earn around 2% or 3% cash back.



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